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Turkey Hunting Gear Checklist

Prepare for turkey hunting season with our comprehensive checklist. Ensure you have all the essential gear, from the right camo attire to the best calls and decoys, to increase your chances of a successful hunt.

May 31, 2023
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Turkey Hunting Gear Checklist

Here is a checklist to ensure you have all the necessary gear before heading out on your next turkey-hunting adventure!


____ Ammunition - Select the right type and gauge for your shotgun, focusing on loads designed for turkey hunting to ensure effective range and pattern density.

____ Decoys - A mix of Gobbler, Jake, and Hen decoys can help lure turkeys into range by appealing to their social and territorial instincts.

____ Pop-up blind - Provides concealment and comfort during the hunt. Choose one that's easy to set up and offers good visibility.

____ Chair for blind - Ensures comfort during long waits. A lightweight and portable chair is ideal.

____ Turkey vests - Equipped with multiple pockets for calls, ammunition, and other essentials. Look for a vest with a seat cushion for extra comfort.

____ Camouflage sleeve to cover shotgun stock - Helps to blend your shotgun into the environment, minimizing detection.

____ Backpack - For carrying extra gear, snacks, and water. Choose a durable, water-resistant backpack with comfortable straps

Calls to Bring

____ Diaphragm calls - Allows for hands-free operation, making them ideal when you're set up and ready to shoot.

____ Friction or Pot Calls - Easy for beginners to use and very effective in producing a range of turkey sounds.

____ Plunger call - Good for creating the sound of a gobbling male turkey to challenge and lure in dominant gobblers.

____ Box call - Produces realistic hen sounds with minimal effort. Great for windy days when sound carries.

____ Locatorcall - To pinpoint their location, use these to elicit a shock gobble from turkeys during early morning or late afternoon

Navigation & Observation

____ Rangefinder - Essential for determining the distance to your target or decoy setup.

____ Binoculars - A must-have for spotting turkeys from a distance without moving too much.

Maintenance and Safety

____ Brush cutters - For clearing paths or setting up a blind in thick cover.

____ Bug spray and/or Thermacell - Keeps mosquitoes and other insects at bay.

____ Tick repellant - Crucial for protecting yourself from Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses.

____ Water and/or thermos - Stay hydrated and keep coffee or tea hot during those chilly morning hunts.

____ First-aid kit - For treating minor injuries or emergencies.

____ Knife - Useful for field dressing your turkey, cutting rope, or other tasks.


____ Camouflage clothing - Including pants, shirt, jacket, and boots to blend into the environment.

____ Pants, shirt, jacket and boots - Pack extra in case of bad weather

____ Hat and headnet/mask - Conceals your face and head, which are more likely to move and spook turkeys.

____ Gloves - Protect your hands and keep them concealed.

This checklist covers the essentials to bring on your turkey hunting trip, ensuring you're prepared for almost any situation you might encounter in the field. Remember, the key to a successful turkey hunt lies in having the right gear and knowing how to use it effectively. Happy hunting!

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