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Turkey Hunting

Prepare yourself for turkey hunting season with Sportsman's Guide! Browse our selection of Ground Blinds, Turkey Calls, and Decoys for the best deals. Don't forget to check out our comfortable Hunting Stools, Chairs & Seat Cushions that are versatile for any hunting situation. We've got everything you need for a successful turkey hunting expedition, including Turkey Hunting Gear and Turkey Call Sounds. Explore our vast collection of turkey hunting resources, featuring Turkey Hunting Adventures, Gear and Tips, and take a peek at our online Trophy Gallery to see what other fans of Sportsman's Guide have accomplished. "Gobblers At The Buzzer", by Vikki Trout, is an article that offers some strategies into finding that elusive turkey tom. The Sportsman's Guide features Turkey Hunting Blinds in all styles, including chair, umbrella, ground, mirror and hybrid styles from leading manufacturers like Ameristep, Guide Gear and Barronett, or make your own with our wildlife blind material. Sportsman's Guide Outdoors has a terrific article on patterning your shotgun, check it out here- "Turkey Gun Patterning is Easy" Check out this article on "Camo For Turkey Hunting". Find out why you need a decoy with the article "Why Bother With a Turkey Decoy?" Figure out why having a partner while hunting could be beneficial in the article "Doubling Up On Turkeys". Read up on the Ten Must-Have Items for turkey hunting.