ScentLok OZ Renew Ozone Generator and Clean Bag Combo

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Mfg. Number: 4152761-090


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Key Features

  • OZ Renew Ozone Generator kills odors
  • Clean Bag with 13,000-cu. in. storage
  • Generator pipes directly into Bag
  • Destroys odors and bacteria through oxidization
  • Spacious Bag treats hunting clothes, dog beds, hunting gear and more
  • Also includes bonus OZ Boot Pucks to treat footwear
  • Easy Returns

The all-new OZ Renew Ozone Generator by ScentLok® makes it easier than ever for you to deodorize your hunting gear and apparel with the powerful chemistry of oxidation. Just connect OZ Renew directly into the Bag's OZ inject system, and it pipes powerful ozone molecules directly into the Bag to treat gear. The Gear Bag is even spacious enough to treat dog beds, sporting equipment, footwear, and more.


The Ozone Active Odor Destroyer emits a powerful stream of ozone molecules that destroy virtually all types of odor and bacteria in your ScentLok Bag. The emitted ozone molecules change the chemical structure of offensive odors and contaminants, then revert it back to oxygen, which no longer has that strong smell. The Generator uses CycleCleanTM technology to moderate its output between active and resting phases to maximize efficiency and extend its product life.

  • OZ Renew Ozone Generator operates in 30 minute increments, or in CycleCleanTM technology that alternates between active and resting phases to maximum efficiency
  • Gear Bag with over 13,000-cu. in. of space for storing hunting clothes and equipment
  • Wired design plugs right into 110V outlet
  • Also comes with bonus OZ Boot Pucks for refreshing your hunting boots
    Note: Ozone products are only intended for use in unoccupied spaces

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Key Specifications

  • Item Number: 712854
  • Power Source for Generator: 110V wall outlet
  • Bag Capacity: 13,000-cu. in.
  • Bag Dimensions: 52"l. x 36"w. x 7"d.
  • Mfg. Number: 4152761-090
ScentLok OZ Renew Ozone Generator and Clean Bag Combo
ScentLok OZ Renew Ozone Generator and Clean Bag Combo
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Buyer's Club $224.99 Non-Member $249.99