Rinehart Feeding Doe Target, IBO Pattern

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Rinehart® Feeding Doe Targets in IBO scoring patterns.

Rinehart® Targets take hit after direct hit and keep standin' tall! The secret is Rinehart's legendary "self-healing" foam that stops broadheads, field points, even expandables, and won't lose its shape or integrity.

But beauty is more than skin deep... it's not enough that these look great and perform perfectly. That's why Rinehart made these with locking inserts that provide you with true-to-life target zones in IBO scoring. Measures 28" x 28". Replacement Inserts available.

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Rinehart Feeding Doe Target, IBO Pattern
Rinehart Feeding Doe Target, IBO Pattern
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Buyer's Club $287.99 Non-Member $319.99