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PolyCase, .45 Auto, 118 Grain, ARX, 20 Rounds

Item # WX2-663560

Mfg. Number: 45ARXRUG-118-20

UPC: 813412020401

Item currently sold out

Item currently sold out

Details & Specs

20 rds. PolyCase® .45 Auto 118 Grain ARX Ammo. Innovation with every shot.

Next-gen self-defense technology. The innovative R&D laboratories at PolyCase Ammunition® would like to introduce you to the Inceptor® ARX® line of self-defense technology. Designed to be both reliable and precise, each round is injection molded from a specially blended metal / polymer matrix. This process makes it strong enough to penetrate soft targets and tissue, but if it does encounter a stronger barrier, it'll break apart. This reduces the risk of collateral damage due to over penetration.

The heaviest clothing barriers hold no sway over the round or its terminal performance. It'll continue to penetrate straight until it encounters soft tissue, where the grooves in the nose harness the rotational energy. As it continues to penetrate, the controlled tumbling of the round delivers very consistent terminal performance that equal, or exceeds, conventional hollow point design.

Engineering fluid dynamics. By enhancing the surface area and form of the ARX round, they're able to exploit the forward energy and redirect it in the form of hydraulic displacement, also known as hydrostatic shock. This displacement allows it to make a wound cavity that matches or exceeds one created by a standard expanding bullet.

Lateral force. Located on the front of each round is the ARX flutes, grooves on the nose. These grooves have wide mouths and narrow exit points. Combined with the round's forward velocity into soft tissue, the construction of these flutes causes an increase in pressure in the fluid. Due to this increase, the fluid is laterally ejected from the grooves at a higher speed then the speed of the round itself. This effect causes massive cavitation and wound channels.

Specifically engineered profile. The ARX feels like a round nose round because it has no hollow-point or sharp edges. It retains stopping power and terminal performance that exceeds most expanding handgun bullets.

Take a shot:

  • Injection molded copper polymer ARX 118-grain projectile
  • Brass cased
  • Muzzle velocity: 1,307 fps.
  • Muzzle energy: 448 ft.-lbs.

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