MotorGuide X5-105FW Bow-Mount Trolling Motor / VRS, 36V, 60" Shaft

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Key Features

  • Variable Ratio Steering for precise adjustments
  • Digital Power Management extends battery life
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum mounting bracket
  • No-flex composite foot pedal
  • 2-blade weedless propeller
  • Composite shaft material for durability
  • Easy Returns

MotorGuide® X5-105FW 60" 36V Trolling Motor Trolling Motor with VRS is built for the long troll. And it's designed for long life. Kevin VanDam and other professional fishers depend on MotorGuide for the edge that puts them in the winner's circle. The new X5 series is no exception. With bow mount and cable steer motor, you have access to their most advanced, tournament-quality motor. It's engineered for precise control, quiet operation and rugged durability, proving it is the best in its class.

Serious anglers will be wowed by the solid construction and patented Variable Ratio Steering (VRS) technology. VRS allows you to make subtle, yet precise, steering adjustments while eliminating torque feedback. VRS gives you a more predictable steering response, improved boat stability, and better overall craft control.

More Details

Digial Power Management extends battery life up to 5X by using cooler-running electronics that are 50% more efficient. It also captures and stores energy that is usually lost as heat. These improvements mean you will have a longer run time and fewer battery charges. The X5 mounting bracket is built to be tough and durable with extruded aircraft-grade aluminum and tight-fitting composite bushings in important wear points to ensure a long life and quiet performance. The mount is made wider and features a snap-back breakaway mechanism for stability and added protection.

And you'll appreciate the tournament tough shaft. The oversized outer column of stainless steel is strong and corrosion-resistant, and the inner column is made of a premium composite for additional impact protection. Made with precision bearings and locking collar, it eliminates shaft clicking. The shaft also comes with a lifetime guarantee against breaking.

Precision Response Steering

The newly designed no-flex composite foot pedal provides better control and feel. The X5 comes with premium pull-pull cable steering to eliminate slack, and VRS technology improves motor responsiveness.

  • Composite shaft material for durability
  • Dual cable / VRS steering for smoother control
  • Digital variable speed control to move as you want
  • 2-blade weedless propeller to stop you from getting tangled
  • Battery meter to let you know how much power you have left

Key Specifications

  • Peak thrust: 105
  • Shaft length: 45", 50", 60"
  • Max. Amp Draw: 36
  • Volts: 36
  • Speed Control: Digital variable
  • Direction Indicator: Lighted
  • Integrated Sonar: No
  • Recommended Boat Length: 18-23'