Marcum M1 Lithium Ice Fishing Flasher Combo

Item # WX2-701114


Mfg. Number: M1LI


UPC: 857224002798

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Key Features

  • Patented MBC Brushless display
  • 1,000 watt PTP power
  • 20° ice transducer
  • Multiple step interference rejection
  • Split-screen bottom lock
  • Lithium ION 12-volt, 12 amp hour battery
  • Up to 40 hours run-time
  • Additional power ports and LED light
  • Includes charger and 5-gallon bucket
  • Easy Returns

Get real time readings and results and an extended power source with the MarCum® M1 Lithium Ice Fishing Flasher Combo. Already a leader in the industry, the M5 Lithium Flasher is the most advanced MarCum has ever built with patented MBC (Maximum Brightness & Clarity) Lighting, 20° ice transducer, split-screen bottom lock and razor-sharp 2" target separation, you'll be able to tell when to pucker before that bluegill kisses your ice jig.

Stay as long as it takes you to hit the hot bite time with the Lithium Shuttle Battery Unit. Get up to 40 hours of continuous run time off the 12V, 12-amp hour battery. Twin power ports also allow you to run additional accessories and an LED light is positioned to illuminate your fishing hole and charge glow lures, too. The articulating handle makes it easy to carry but you also get a 5-gallon transit bucket for hauling your gear.

  • Patented MBC Brushless lighting sonar offers a dazzlingly bright display
  • Get a clear idea of what's below with a 20° ice transducer and 1,000 watts of PTP power
  • Multiple step interference rejection eliminates the noise of other sonar units
  • Split-screen bottom lock closes in on the bottom for in-depth detail
  • Lithium ION 12-volt, 12 amp hour battery generates up to 40 hours of run-time
  • Additional power ports allows you to operate accessories
  • Positioned LED light shows your fishing hole and charges glow lures
  • Includes charger and 5-gallon bucket

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Key Specifications

  • Item Number: 701114
  • Flasher monitor: MBC Brushless Lighting
  • Power; 2,500 watts PTP
  • Cone Angle: 20°Ice Transducer
  • Target Separation: 1"
  • Interference Rejection: Multiple step
  • Zoom: Adjustable
  • Cable length: 8'
  • Selectable Depth Ranges: 20'/40'/80'/100'
  • Shuttle Battery unit: 12V, 12-amp hour Lithium ION polymer battery
  • Battery life: Up to 40 hours continuous (based on settings, use)
  • Charger: 3-amp hour
  • Additional Power Ports: (2) 1/4-20
  • Mfg. Number: M1LI