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Humminbird® 597ci HD DI Fishfinder / GPS Combo

Item # WX2-205603


Mfg. Number: 408120-1


UPC: 082324035180

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Humminbird® 597ci HD DI Fishfinder / GPS Combo. Finding the hotspots has never been easier!

Get to where you want to go with confidence, and instantly spot the action when you get there! Armed with DualBeam PlusTM, 597ci HD DI Fishfinder brings you the best of both worlds, with selectable narrow and wide beams you can view individually, or melded into one display:
  • Precision 16° beam for high accuracy
  • Wider, 25° beam provides greater coverage for fish and bait fish
  • View side-by-side or blended together for the most complete picture
Along with DualBeam Plus, you'll get these fish-finding advantages:

Down ImagingTM technology. See all the happenings below your boat. Timber, brush, bridge pilings, rocks and any other structure will pop with stunning detail as you patrol the water.

How? 1. "Snapshots" are created with high-frequency sound waves emitted in razor thin slices. 2. Sonar returns from these waves create an instant "snapshot" below the boat. 3. Narrow Mode analyzes the returns to verify the position of the echoes to ensure Down Imaging only shows you structure and activity beneath you, and not off to one side or another. Quickly identify structure with Down ImagingTM, while using 2D to locate and target fish. Together, they take the guesswork out of sonar fishfinding.

Humminbird SwitchFireTM Sonar gives you the power to choose how returns are displayed. With three unique modes, you have complete control to adjust with the fishing conditions, making the down-looking sonar an even more valuable fishfinding tool. Get incredible detail in Max Mode.

Watch as the sonar returns explode from the screen in amazing detail. You'll see the tiniest subsurface object-even thermoclines and water currents - for complete underwater coverage. And for easy viewing in rough water, there's Clear Mode. Time Variable Gain (TVG) software sifts through sonar returns to display only fish and structure. Great for fishing in shallow and rough water, or reducing undesired clutter in the water column. 3-color Palette Mode provides even more flexibility on the water to deal with overcast or full-sun conditions.

Humminbird® UnimapTM. Built-in map covering the continental U.S. coastline, inland lakes and rivers at 30 meters per pixel resolution. UniMapTM gives you an accurate chart almost anywhere you travel in the United States.

50-channel internal GPS chartplottng. 3,000-waypoint, 50-route and 50-track (with 20,000 points each) capacity. Mark and return to the most successful fishing holes.

All this vital info is presented to you on a Best-in-Class brilliant color 640 x 640 5" display. Maximize your time on the water with Humminbird!

The new "school" in fishfinding technology:
  • 256 color TFT display
  • TrueArch&trade technology eliminate unwanted interference and noise, while revealing unaltered sonar echoes resulting in true arches of fish targets, helping you discern the size and depth of fish targets more quickly
  • X-Press Menu provides quick access to the settings most frequently used
  • RTS® (Real Time Sonar) Window always updates at the fastest rate possible and shows only the returns from the bottom, structure, and fish that are within the transducer beam
  • With Selective Fish ID+, a fish icon and its depth are displayed above the return that has been classified as being a fish. 3 different fish icons represent intensity of the sonar return, and provide an indicator of relative fish size
  • 3D chart view
  • Wide / narrow cone split screen
  • Split screen zoom increases the displayed resolution to separate sonar returns that are very close together
  • Split screen bottom lock
  • Instant freeze-frame... stops the sonar graphic display for closer inspection. Mark the location of fish attracting structure, bottom transitions or any feature you like with sonar cursor
  • 3 selectable background colors
  • Custom digital readout selection
  • Custom view selection
  • Depth: 250' (DI) / 600 ft.
  • Down Imaging sonar coverage: 455 kHz / 86° @ -10db 800 kHz / 55° @ -10db
  • DualBeam sonar coverage: 200 kHz / 25° @ -10db 455 kHz / 16° @ -10db
  • Power output: 500 watts (RMS) 4,000 watts (Peak-to-Peak)
  • Target separation: 2 1 / 2 "
  • Built-in transducer
  • Backlight for easy viewing
  • Waterproof
  • Quick disconnect mount
  • Power input: 10-20 VDC
  • Power draw: 615mA (lights off).

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