HECS Stealthscreen 3 Piece Concealment Suit

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Key Features

  • 86/14 polyester/carbon yarn
  • Includes shirt, pants, and head cover
  • HECS technology
  • Breathable Stealthscreen fabric
  • Carbon yarn helps block your energy field
  • Camouflage pattern
  • Easy Returns

If your heart is beating and your muscles are moving, you're producing an electrical energy field. You can't see it, but animals can SENSE it. It's a fact that birds migrate based on earth’s electromagnetic field. Foxes hunt using earth’s electromagnetic field. Salmon, trout and turtles navigate using electromagnetic fields. It shouldn’t be a surprise that many creatures can sense the naturally occurring human energy field too. You might call it a "sixth sense."

Ground blinds don't block the ability of animals and birds to sense your energy field. The ONLY effective way to block that energy field is with the HECS (Human Energy Concealment Suit) Suit's highly electrically conductive carbon yarn, woven in a grid pattern. It's the same technology that protects sensitive electronic equipment from lightning strikes, and it can work for you, too. The carbon yarn is woven right into the ultralight, flexible, breathable Stealthscreen fabric -- you won't even notice it's there.

Look, HECS is not a magic invisibility cloak. It will not eliminate your scent, eradicate noise or stop animals from seeing substantial movement. But it CAN help to prevent creatures from sensing your electrical energy signal, allowing you to have some remarkable hunting experiences, and potentially get away with some scent mistakes, noise and movement that you otherwise couldn't.

  • Stealthscreen 86/14 polyester/carbon yarn fabric is ultralight, flexible and breathable
  • The carbon yarn is woven in a grip pattern, creating a "cage" that traps energy
  • Top: cuffed neck and sleeves with thumb-hole
  • Bottom: premium elastic waistband with internal drawstring, hemmed cuffs and fly
  • Adjustable head cover is lightweight and comfortable
  • Camouflage pattern
  • Machine washable (in your favorite hunting detergent), tumble dry
  • Imported

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Key Specifications

  • Item number: 676176
  • Fabric: 86/14 polyester/carbon yarn
  • Care: Machine wash/tumble dry
  • Mfg. Number: HXO