Benelli M2 Field ComforTech, Semi-Automatic, 12 Gauge, 28 Barrel, Realtree MAX-5, 3+1 Rounds

Item # WX2-703513


Mfg. Number: 11101


UPC: 650350111019

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Key Features

  • 12-gauge
  • 2 3/4” and 3”
  • 28” Crio® barrel
  • Synthetic stock
  • Red fiber optic front sight
  • Realtree MAX-5® camo
  • Backed by the Benelli® 10 Year Warranty
  • Easy Returns
Unflinching durability in a lightweight package

Light, nimble, and ruggedly built, the M2 Field is a finely-crafted workhorse that represents the backbone of the Benelli® semi-auto line. Designed around the ultra-reliable Inertia Driven® system, it’ll digest anything from 2 3/4” target loads to the heaviest 3" magnums with no adjustments necessary. At 7.2 pounds, it’s perfectly balanced and quick-handling—but durable enough to take the thumps, scrapes, and drops into the mud that come with hard hunting.

Inertia Driven: no-fail reliability

Benelli’s Inertia Driven operating system incorporates total efficiency with complete reliability. With only three main components—the bolt body, inertia spring, and rotating bolt head—it’s stronger, faster, and never needs to be adjusted to cycle different loads. Gas, smoke, and burnt powder stay in the barrel, where they belong, rather than being channeled into the mechanism. And with no springs, action bar linkage, or gas cylinder under the forend, Benelli’s Inertia Driven shotguns balance like a fine game gun should.

Product Features
ComforTech®: less felt recoil, better control

Historically, if you wanted less recoil, you had to make the shot charge lighter or the gun heavier. The ComforTech system revolutionized firearms technology by taming recoil without adding weight to the gun. By splitting the stock diagonally and integrating 22 shock-absorbing chevrons, Benelli created a unique stock body that flexes to absorb recoil on its own. The remaining recoil forces are channeled through a soft gel comb insert and thick gel recoil pad, saving your cheek and shoulder from the pounding punishment of full-power buck.

Product Features
CRIO® technology delivers a smoother, more accurate barrel

Benelli utilizes cryogenic technology to freeze barrels and chokes at -300°F. Such extreme temperatures actually change the metal at a molecular level, relieving stresses caused by the hammer-forging process and creating a smoother surface. CRIO barrels move more consistently shot-to-shot, delivering denser patterns with 13.2% more pellets on target. In addition to more consistent firing performance, the cryogenically-treated bore surface offers less resistance to the wad and shot charge—keeping the barrel cleaner, longer.

Product Features
Features & Benefits
Features and Benefits
  • 28” CRIO barrel is cyrogenically treated, which relieves stresses caused by hammer-forging and creates a smooth surface
  • Inertia Driven system is simple, strong, lightweight, and can cycle anything from light 2 3/4” target loads to 3” magnum loads
  • Rugged synthetic stock with GripTight® weatherproof over-coating for sure hold
  • AirTouch® checkering delivers superior grip wet or dry—without being overly rough to the ungloved hand
  • Red fiber optic front sight
  • Stepped rib for fast and easy sight alignment
  • Ergonomically designed trigger guard and safety for simple, intuitive control
  • Included shim kit lets you adjust the stock drop to fit your body type
  • Realtree MAX-5 camo delivers excellent concealment for waterfowlers
  • Includes flush Crio® chokes: C, IC, M, IM, and F, plus a wrench
  • Includes a high-quality hard polymer case
  • Benelli has total confidence in its products and backs every gun with an industry-leading 10 Year Warranty

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Key Specifications

  • Item Number: 703513
  • Gauge: 12
  • Action: Inertia Driven semi-automatic
  • Capacity: 3+1
  • Barrel Length: 28”
  • Stock: Polymer
  • Length of Pull: 14 3/8”
  • Chamber: 3” and 2 3/4”
  • Sights: Red fiber optic front
  • Drop at Heel: 2”
  • Drop at Comb: 1 3/8”
  • Minimum Recommended Load: 3-dram, 1 1/8-oz. loads
  • Overall Length: 49.5”
  • Overall Weight: 7.2 lbs.
  • Mfg. Number: 11101
  • UPC: 650350111019