600 rds. U.S. WWII - era .45 ACP Ammo

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COLLECTORS! Genuine U.S. WWII - era .45 ACP Ammo, as loaded to kick Mussolini's, Hitler's and Tojo's buttocks!

Manufactured at the Evansville-Chrysler Ordnance Plant, Evansville, Ind., production date 1942-1944. If this sounds like a rare find, you are correct, Sir, so I wouldn't wait on this one. I'd get at least 2... one as a pure collectible, and another to plink off, imagining the history of it all.

These are even sealed in the original metal "sardine can"... 12 boxes of 50 rds. It's .45 auto ACP, 230-grain bullet, full copper jacketed. Metal cased, Boxer-primed, non-reloadable. I can't state the exact muzzle velocity and energy because they haven't been chronographed, but I'm sure a WWII buff would have a good idea.

This is the same stuff General MacArthur himself would have loaded into his sidearm! I'd call that impressive... order ONLINE for speed, right now!

!!! Limited Quantities !!!

600 rds. U.S. WWII-era .45 ACP Ammo