5 rds. Lightfield .410 Nova Home Defender 2 1/2" DR Megablank

Item # WX2-195381


Mfg. Number: NVHD-410


UPC: 784268444447

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Lightfield® .410 Nova Home Defender 2 1/2" DR Megablank. Makes HUGE sound to send critters and skeezy prowlers running for the hills!

It's like no other .410 you've ever seen! This megablank delivers everything but the impact, to startle and send your target scattering. Very high volume (100+ decibels) and significant muzzle flash to make this .410 sound like something much bigger.

For best performance, use in longer-barreled firearm. Hearing protection strongly recommended. Use with caution. As with all ammo, these can cause serious injury, or even death in some circumstances.

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