15-Pk. CVA Powerbelt .50 caliber 348 Grain Aero-Tip Copper Series Black Powder Bullets

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Mfg. Number: AC1596AT


UPC: 043125125968

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CVA® PowerbeltTM Aero-Tip Copper Series Black Powder Bullets... power-packed ammo!

Muzzleloading projectiles you can count on! Made by CVA®, the leader in black powder shooting accessories, so you KNOW you're getting the best stuff.

Developed to give the muzzleloading specialist all the benefits of sabots without the constant cleaning after every shot. And with a perfect gas seal, you get harder impact... and that means every shot that finds your target will do devastating damage.


  • Flat shotting polymer tipped bullets
  • Aero-Tip style
  • Copper plated
  • Package is 15 bullets

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