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More about cookies.

What is a cookie?

A "cookie" is a small piece of information in the form of a file that your browser stores in a designated place on your computer. That information is being used to remember you when you browse to a web site. Cookies can only be read by the web sites that originally wrote them to your browser. This means that The Sportsman's Guide cannot see what you did on other web sites and other web sites cannot see information stored by The Sportsman's Guide.

Why does The Sportsman's Guide use cookies?

The Sportsman's Guide, like virtually every other web site, uses cookies. The cookie helps us to "remember" your shopping cart and make shopping on The Sportsman's Guide more convenient for you.

On our site, cookies have three purposes:

  1. When you come to our site we assign you a unique ID that helps us "remember" your shopping cart so you don't lose your selections each time you close your browser. If you don't have cookies enabled on your system you will not be able to shop on our site.
  2. We store information such as whether you chose to see images when you browse our products or not or what kind of ATV you selected when you looked for ATV products. We do not store that information on our servers, giving you control over when you would like this information to be deleted.
  3. The cookie is also required to store the shopping cart information you see at the top right of our web pages. No information is stored that could harm you if another person were to look at it. We take security very seriously and have taken precautions to avoid your personal information to become compromised because of cookies.

What happens when you put the cookie on my computer?

A tiny text file is stored in a specific area of your computer.

What does it mean when my "cookie file is corrupt?"

Under some rare circumstances your browser can get confused and will lose track of the cookie stored on your computer. Some pages will be able to read the cookie data and other pages will not, resulting in situations where you have items in your shopping cart but on check-out nothing shows up in your cart anymore. By clearing out all cookie files the browser will write brand new files to your computer and the problem is resolved. Be aware, however, that any data stored in your cookies--including your shopping cart entries--will be lost. We would encourage you to write down all product numbers prior to deleting your cookies.

Can I stop the cookies from being set? How do I make sure my browser isn't rejecting cookies?

As explained above, our system requires that you accept the cookies from The Sportsman's Guide to add items to your shopping cart. However, since our Web site might attempt to set this cookie several times during your visit (some browser settings will generate a prompt whenever a cookie is set), you might want to stop notification. Check your browser's Help section for instructions.

Will another Web site be able to look at my Sportsman's Guide cookie?

No. Only the Sportsman's Guide web servers can read the information stored in your cookie. No other Web site has access to it through your browser. That is how Web browsers are designed. However, anyone who has access to your computer could open up the cookie file and read information in it or browse to and see what items you have put in your shopping cart. As a general rule you should safeguard all personal information on your computer.

Can I look at my own cookie or delete it?

Yes. You have full control over cookies stored on your computer. While you can delete any cookie from any web site at any time you will loose any setting that is stored in that cookie. As for Sportsman's Guide cookies: we encrypt the data stored in our cookies as an additional security measure. You will not be able to decipher any of the data we store in your cookie.

How can I delete my cookies?

Click here to clear all cookies from our website. Please be aware that this will refresh our website and the contents of your cart will not be retained.

Will I receive unsolicited e-mail if I accept your cookies?

No. Acceptance of cookies on our Web site does not result in your receiving any additional e-mail from us.

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