You know how to hunt. You know how to camp. Now merge the two skills to create one killer hunting headquarters.

From wall tents to backpacks, wood stoves and more, we've got all the gear you need to build it right from the ground up.

Base Camp: There's no place like home.

It's your home base headquarters the center hub from where you'll branch out. And the place where you'll find the creature comforts of home after returning from a long hunt. Choose from a selection of critical gear that feeds you and your crew, sets the ambience for swapping stories and ignites the fire in your next-generation of hunters. After all, your end game is to get the game. And it all starts here.

Spike Camp: Never give up the ground you'll gain.

It's not exactly your destination, but

your en-route to something better.

You hike countless miles in search of

that majestic, elusive elk. Sometimes

that leads you 10+ miles beyond the

most rugged path. Set up your spike

camp wherever the hunt leads you

at whatever time you get there. From

bivy sleep systems to fast-and-light

backpacking gear, you'll get there further

and faster with ultralight essentials

that won't weight you down.