Federal Ammo


Federal makes premium Ammunition for every purpose, every gun, every shooter. Whether it's for hunting or target shooting, self-defense or sporting clays, you'll find the right load at the right price.

Rifle Ammo

The world's best bullets, primers, brass and propellants, they all come together to create top-quality Rifle Ammunition right out of the box. For hunting, target shooting and predator control, Federal has what you want.

Handgun Ammo

Federal is proud to keep your family safe as Your Partner in Protection. They have you covered with the most complete line of self-defense loads in the industry.


Break clays, protect your home, drop gobblers and knock ducks out of the sky with Federal's premium Shotgun Loads. However you use your shotgun, you'll get the most from the platform with Federal.

Rimfire Ammo

Tear up the range or take down small game and varmints. Federal's full line of precision rimfire loads offers the most options and the best performance for all shooters.

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