Guide Gear

Guide Gear: Discover your next level.
We're taking our game to the next level so you can discover yours.
Welcome to the next level of Guide Gear®.
We're pouring everything we have into making the products that wear the Guide Gear® brand better than ever.
Why? To ensure our gear not only helps you succeed, it helps take your game to the next level.
Whist fleece: Deadly. Quiet.
The next generation of fleece.
For the next next generation of hunters.
Introducing our new Guide Gear® Whist.
Hunting Apparel with W3 Fleece.
Are you ready to take your hunt to the next level?
Shop tree stands
We stand head and shoulders
above the competition.
We sell more tree stands than anyone on the planet.
From simple hang-on stands to ultra deluxe 2-person stands and sturdy stand-alone towers, nobody has more ways to help you stay on top of your game.
Ultimate Coolers: Keeps ice for generations.
The Ultimate cooler
is also the ultimate value.
Freezer-style gasket
Freezer-style gasket
seals in the cold
Durable rubber latches
Durable rubber latches
for tight, secure closure
Padlock tabs
Padlock tabs
for attaching locks
Molded-in tie-down slots
tie-down slots