Don't Forget to Wax That Crossbow String!

Waxing your string should be an essential part of your crossbow maintenance!

The string is one of the most important components of your crossbow. Waxing your crossbow string will extend the life of it. It will also protect it from becoming frayed, damaged by dirt and moisture, and will help to keep the string more flexible. You should be checking it regularly for wear. Normal use causes friction and wear, but it can be reduced significantly by waxing your string regularly.

Todd Bromley

Todd Bromley

And waxing your crossbow string is very simple and quick to do! First make sure the string is free of any dirt or debris. This can be done by wiping it with a clean dry cloth. Next take your preselected crossbow string wax and rub it up and down the crossbow string. Apply a good amount of wax. Ideally, you want to make sure the crossbow string wax completely covers the string, but only the exposed portion of the crossbow string. Make sure that you do not wax any of the crossbow's string servings. This can cause them to inadvertently separate!

After the string is completely covered with wax, take your finger and thumb and rub the wax gently into the crossbow string. The heat and friction will cause the crossbow string wax to melt and make it easier for the wax to penetrate each individual string strand. You should apply enough friction to the string that your fingers become warm, but not hot.

Once all of the wax has been rubbed in, you can take the dry cloth you started with and wipe off any excess wax that might have built up. This will usually be where the crossbow string meets the servings and around the cable slide.

Keeping your crossbow string waxed will help it to last longer and perform better. It's a good idea to monitor and wax the string regularly. How often you do this will depend on how much you shoot your crossbow and the climate in which you hunt. The more you shoot your crossbow, the more you will need to keep it waxed!

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