Here's 300 Pounds of Tannerite Exploding (VIDEO)

If you're not familiar with Tannerite, today's video is the perfect introduction.

In a nutshell, Tannerite is a binary explosive substance used for target practice. It's totally stableuntil you shoot it with a high-velocity round, at which point, it explodes with awe-inspiring ferocity.

The resulting explosion produces a huge vapor cloud and loud report, meaning you know with absolute certainty that you've hit the target. No need to walk downrange.

Today's video is pretty much the pinnacle of Tannerite awesomeness. These guys piled up 300 pounds of the stuff (or so they claim), and, from a safe distance, shot it with a .50 cal. rifle.


Talk about a big bang. That's pretty awesome.

The huge crowd appears to be about a quarter-mile away, which is about as close as I'd ever get to 300 pounds of Tannerite.

I put 300 pounds in quotes because I'm not sure I buy it. In 2013, a New York man shot 18 pounds of Tannerite, and the resulting explosion could be heard through much of Chautauqua County, New York, and as far south as Pennsylvaniaover three miles away.

So 300 pounds is a bit far-fetched. But still, awesome video.

That said, safety always comes first, and we wouldn't recommend shooting even more than a single brick at one time.

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Just be careful.