Remington® Premier® CORE-LOKT® Ultra Bonded Slug Loads 20-gauge 2 3/4" 260 Grain 5 rounds

Item # WX2-77705

5 stars

Remington® Premier® CORE-LOKT® Ultra Bonded Slug Loads Deliver deer-dropping power and pinpoint accuracy.

Delivers the tightest groups (1.8") of any shotgun slug with ultra-flat trajectories! These are fast becoming favorites of hunters everywhere. 

  • Patented spiral nose cuts ensure consistent 2X expansion over a wide range of terminal velocities
  • Sleek, ogive (conical) nose helps deliver high down-range energy retention
  • 385-grain bonded bullet yields near 100% weight retention
  • Flattest shooting Slug in existence... 10% better than the nearest competition
  • Note: Designed for use in fully rifled barrels only.
  • Gauge: 20
  • Shell Length: 2 3/4"
  • Velocity (F.P.S): 1900
  • Energy (ft.-lbs.): 2084
  • Slug Weight: 260-grain
  • Rounds: 5

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