Food Supply Depot 72-hr. Emergency Entree Bucket

Item # WX2-283333

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Food Supply Depot 72-hr. Emergency Entree Bucket.

Sustains you for 3 days in the event of a disaster. Keep energy and morale high in a crises. Add a little water and a few minutes of cooking, and you're ready to eat! Up to a 20-year shelf life. Handy molded bucket for easy portability.

  • 1,590 calories a day
  • Five 7.8-oz. pouches Nantucket potato soup
  • Five 7.7-oz. pouches Rotini ¿¿ la Marinara
  • Three 8.5-oz. pouches Rio Grande Beans and Rice
  • Three 9.0-oz. pouches Creamy Stroganoff
  • Four 9.2-oz. pouches Artisan Oatmeal
  • Eight 7.8-oz. pouches Orange Drink

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