Brinkmann® Q-Beam LED Rechargeable Spotlight with Night Vision

Item # WX2-185552

5 stars

Ultra-bright BrinkmannĀ® Q-Beam LED Rechargeable Spotlight with Night Vision. SAVE BIG!

Night-searing X-LampĀ® XP-E LEDs on this Q-Beam Spotlight crank out 564 lumens on high power! Switch between the standard white light and 33 red "night vision" LEDs for a muted, but effective lighting option in the dark.

Simply pull the on / off trigger switch to activate the light. It's built to last, too... has a rugged, durable ABS plastic housing to protect delicate pieces inside.

Big beam:
  • Rubber grip with balanced handle
  • Selector switch for high, low and red settings
  • Lockout switch to prevent accidental turn-on
  • LED charging indicator to let you know when the battery is ready to go
  • Lithium battery included
  • Comes with 12V AC charger (UL-listed)
  • 6-hour 22-minute runtime on "high".
  • Weighs 3 lbs.
  • 683 Lumen output.

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