Winchester Super-X Rifle .30-06 Win. 150 Grain PMB 20 rounds

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20 rounds Winchester® Super-X Power Max BondedTM Ammo. Here for a REAL STEAL!

Premium Power Max Bonded™ Rounds, specifically engineered for the whitetail hunter! Featuring protected hollow point bonded bullets that deliver increased weight retention, deeper penetration and more knockdown power. The core is permanently bonded to the jacket using Winchester┬«'s proprietary process, ensuring a devastating mushroom that produces massive energy transfer for quick, clean kills.

  • Cartridge: .30-06 Ammo
  • Bullet Weight (grains): 150
  • Muzzle Vel. (f.p.s.): 2,920
  • Muzzle Energy (ft.-lbs.): 2,839
  • Bullet Style: PHPB (Protected Hollow Point Bonded)
  • Rounds: 20.

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