6 - Pc. Fox Tactical™ Survival Set

Item # WX2-208302

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6 - Pc. Fox TacticalTM Survival Set.

Fire Gel Pyro Pack:

  • 3 packets of gel fuel (odorless, smokeless, non-toxic and air transportable)
  • Portable metal stove.
Magnesium Fire Starting Tool:
  • Scrape tool with knife to create magnesium shavings
  • Ignite shavings with built-in sparking insert.
U.S. Army Field Survival Manual:
  • 285 pages with illustrations cover the gamut of How to Survive in all climates, under primitive conditions
  • Identifies poisonous snakes
  • Tells of edible plants
  • Find direction, using the sun or stars
  • How to trap game and cook it
  • How to make water drinkable and more.
  • U.S. 1970 edition.

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