.22 - .250 / .22 cal. Pellet Conversion Kit

Item # WX2-205374

4 stars

.22 - .250 / .22 cal. Pellet Conversion Kit for quiet POW! PRICED RIGHT !

This and a 209 shotshell primer turn your .22-.250 into a quieter varmint or target- blasting pellet gun! A fun way to get a little more use out of your gun, and maybe nail a little pest you couldn't otherwise. (Yeah, go Caddyshack on 'em). It's American precision made of brass. Reusable countless times. Just add your own pellets and 209 primers to achieve muzzle velocity from 700-900 F.P.S.

I'll say it again, it's a blast! Get yours ONLINE now!

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