Rapala® 2 1/2" Clackin' Rap Lure

Item # WX2-200126

Rapala® 2 1/2" Clackin' Rap grabs and keeps a fish's attention!

Catchin' fish, with a whole new level of efficiency and innovation! The new lipless Clackin' Rap® creats a distinctive sound and vibration profile that allows fish to zero in! The uniquely-designed sound chamber features a single steel ball and external metal discs that transmit a "clackin'" sound.

Combined with a seductive holographic foil and transluscent textured body, the Clackin' Rap becomes almost impossible for fish to ignore. Simply cast, allow to sink to desired depth, then steadily retrieve... so easy! Comes equipped with a VMC® SureSet® Belly Hook, too! Choose from hot steel, mossback shiner, oliver green or yellow perch colors. Each weighs 7/16 oz.

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