Heat Factory® Emergency 27-Pc. Warmer Pack

Item # WX2-187628

Heat Factory® Emergency 27-Pc. Warmer Pack. Hand, Body and Foot Warmers; Glow Sticks; Blanket... all neatly packaged and ready to lend a helping hand.

A real lifesaver! It's a no-brainer for cold-weather climates... carry it in your car, and you'll have the tools you need to weather the blizzard. You get:

  • 12-Prs. of Handwarmers - provide 10 hours of heat in gloves or pockets
  • 6 Body Warmers - provide a BIG 20 hours of heat in pockets, stadium cushions, sleeping bags and more
  • 6-Prs. of Adhesive Toe Warmers - each has a thin adhesive layer that comfortably holds the Warmer under your toes outside the sock
  • 2 Glow Sticks
  • 1 Emergency Blanket.

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