High-Flyer Pheasant

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The perfect decorator... Chinese Ringnecked Pheasant... FOR LESS THAN MOUNTING YOUR OWN!

Here in the Twin Cities, if I took a pheasant to almost any taxidermist and had 'em mount it like these, it would much more. And I'd have to supply the bird! How can I sell these so cheap? Good question.

You see, these birds come from a licensed game farm and are meticulously mounted by professional taxidermists... by the thousands! They specialize in pheasants, buying all supplies in large volume and producing them for a lot less money.

These are full grown, full-feathered roosters mounted in the spectacular flying position. The beautiful, intricate colors of the Ringneck blend with any decor. Each comes ready to display. Approximately 30 x 30", weighs 30 ozs. Rooster, rooster... BANG!

Please Note: You may receive Pheasant flying from Left to Right, or Right to Left. Sorry, no choice.