CRC® Freeze - Off Super Penetrant

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CRC® Freeze - Off Super Penetrant. Loosens rusted and corroded hinges, bolts and more!

Having a tough time turning old, rusted bolts? This Freeze-Off Super Penetrant will have you cranking the wrench in no time! Upon contact, the Freeze-Off drops the temperature of the spray area. The freezing effect cracks the rusted surface, allowing Freeze-Off to reach deeper and work more effectively than other penetrants.

Once this baby is through, you'll be able to turn those previously impossible-to-budge screws, pins and more without all the hassle! Perfect for hundreds of marine applications, including: metal hardware, mast tracks, pulleys, latches, battery terminals, winches, fishing gear and more!

See ya later, rust! Order your Freeze-Off Penetrant ONLINE, right here!

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