Grabber® Toe Warmers, 80 - Pk.

Item # WX2-166351

80 - Pk. Grabber® Toe Warmers keep your toes from the biting cold!

Whether you're wearing footwear specifically designed for cold weather, or simply sporting sneakers, these Toe Warmers add a higher level of comfort assurance! Enjoy 6+ hours of warmth from each single-use Warmer.

They're super-easy to use, too... just tear open a package, and the air-activated Warmer reacts to provide you with balmy comfort. You get 80 packages, with 2 Warmers per package.

The rest:
  • Average temperature is 100° F, max temp 107° F
  • Non-toxic
  • Odorless
  • Perfect if you suffer from cold, sore feet as a result of arthritis, myalgia, poor circulation, etc.
  • Environmentally friendly... constructed of all-natural ingredients
  • Each Warmer is 3 x 4"
  • Made in USA.

Don't suffer the cold another minute! Pick yours up ONLINE today!

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