Hot Wash Wiper Fluid Heater

Item # WX2-145262

4 stars

Wage war on icy windshields! Hot Wash Wiper Fluid Heater makes old-fashioned scrapers obsolete!

End "the scrape" forever! It was hard enough getting out of bed and heading out into wintry weather. Now you have to make yourself late chipping and scraping ice off of the windshield, too? Not anymore!

This ingenious heater attaches in minutes to any car's wiper-fluid line, and heats the fluid to a toasty 90°F (60°C). Now, any wiper fluid makes light work of frost, snow, even thick sheets of ice! Warmer wash also cleans dirt, bugs, and other debris away more effectively in the summertime, too.

Hot deal:

  • Safe for all windshields
  • Reduces fluid consumption
  • Prolongs wiper blade life
  • Installs in minutes with basic tools
  • Compact and energy-efficient. Weighs 3 1/10 lbs.

!!! Limited Quantities !!!

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