PSE® Legacy Longbow

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PSEĀ® Legacy Longbow. Made of exotic hardwoods for traditional minded archers. Robin Hood Special: SAVE BIG!

Old school makes the grade! Ahh, the D-shaped Longbow, preferred by traditional archers like Robin Hood. Longbows have been used for hundreds, er, thousands of years. For hunting and warfare by ancient Nubians, Kurds, Arabs and Native American tribes. Today's wooden laminated Longbows (like this baby) are made by gluing together 2 or more different species of wood.

Usually this is done because some woods can better withstand compression, while others are better at withstanding tension. Whoost! A Longbow has practical advantages compared to a modern recurve or compound bow... it is usually lighter, quicker to prepare for shooting and zings arrows more quietly. Seems an overstock shoots BIG BUCKS OFF!

  • Reflex / deflex-shaped bow is crafted in strict observance of tradition, setting high standards for stability and arrow velocity
  • Trapezoidal layout in the limbs
  • Dacron string
  • Shoots arrows at 180 F.P.S.
  • Laminated, reinforced tips withstand shooting stress.
  • Black fiberglass finish on the face and belly of the limbs
  • Black walnut and cherry riser
  • Comes with a soft genuine leather grip
  • Measures 68" l. Brace height: 8" h. Weighs 1 lb., 13 ozs.

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