DuraMax® 10x8' Greenhouse

Item # WX2-130916

DuraMax® 10x8' Greenhouse. A safe and beautiful housing solution for your plants!

Finding an affordable greenhouse set-up that's not an eyesore can be difficult, so the Guide makes it easy for you. UV-resistant and unbreakable polycarbonate walls provide clarity while eliminating the hazards of real glass. Heck, it's the same material used to make bulletproof shielding!

Reinforced with a strong, metal structure that won't rust or rot so it'll maintain its beauty for years down the line. But none of that stuff really matters if it's too much of a hassle to put together, which is why DuraMax® makes that process simple, clean and safe. With the help of just one other person, you can have it up in just one afternoon. Beautify your yard and give your plants a place to grow and thrive... all for a reasonable price!

Make your life easier and get organized with The Guide:
  • Installs in about 4-5 hours (2 people recommended)
  • Double sliding doors and handle with padlock eyes
  • Adjustable roof vent for temp. control
  • Foundation included.

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