Delta® Woodchuck 3 - D Target

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Delta® Woodchuck 3 - D Target... I'm sure you're not interested in how much wood would a woodchuck chuck...

... if a woodchuck could chuck wood! You want to hit the pesky varmints and your accuracy will improve when you take your practice shots on one of these Woodchuck 3-D Targets.

Made of Tech Flex™ Foam each Target is nicely detailed with hand-painted markings. Order yours now at my affordable Guide price, and get your accuracy moving up!

  • Dimensions: 18 x 15 x 13"
  • Tech Flex┬┐ E-Z pull foam has incredible self-healing and memory characteristics which means countless shots without developing holes, plus easy arrow removal
  • Accurate scoring system.

Practice makes perfect... or at least fewer missed shots. Order ONLINE Now!

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