Ice Fishing - The Cure for Cabin Fever DVD

Item # WX2-99776

Tag along with Babe Winkelman to 3 big ice fishing events that'll rev you up for this coming season!

You won't be bored this winter! Join award winning host Babe Winkelman as he takes you on an ice fishing adventure that is sure to cure your case of cabin fever! Babe takes the viewer to the zany Eel Pout Festival in Leech Lake, Minnesota, the biggest ice fishing event in the world.

Then on to Gull Lake, Minnesota, where over 6,000 anglers compete for cash and prizes. Finally, you will head north to Lake of the Woods for walleye and northern pike so big they barely fit through the hole! 60 minutes long.

Fishin' through the ice is a whole different (GREAT) sport! Order ONLINE Today!