TenPoint® Shadow Ultra-Lite Crossbow Kit with Accudraw 50

Item # WX2-594025

5 stars

TenPoint® Shadow Ultra-Lite Crossbow.

Here's the lightest TenPoint® Crossbow ever! At a mere 6 lbs., the new Shadow Ultra-Lite registers speed at 328 F.P.S. Has carbon-injected polymer barrel and trigger housing on a reliable FSB stock. 180-lb. draw weight. Kit includes 3X Pro-View scope, dovetail mount, detachable 3-bolt quiver (side-mounts left / right), three 10-pt. bolts, DVD and a window sticker.

This Crossbow takes the classic rope-cocker to a new level. Integrated into the buttstock, the pull-rope retracts neatly inside the Crossbow's housing after cocking. No rope storage, untangling. Improves the alignment, draws the bow accurately every time. Mini-magnets secure the T-handle flush when not in use.