1/4"x1,000' Hollow Braid Rope

Item # WX2-578645

4 stars

Strong, durable Rope... 1,001 uses!

Strong Rope is great for marine use... it's perfect for dock and mooring lines. Bet you could probably think up a few other places you could use some sturdy Rope... in the shop, at the deer shack, camping and more. This Rope is resistant to rot, mildew, moisture and chemicals, so it'll last for years, whatever the application.

Also known as a "ski rope." Made of premium polypropylene yarns braided in a maypole braid for a torque-free rope. Easy to splice using a ball-point pen barrel. Great as a marker rope, ski rope, barrier rope, cargo net, pulling line or tube tow. Tensile strength of 900 lbs. 82-198 lbs. safe working load. High-vis yellow color. Super flexible and easy to use. Weighs 11 lbs., 2 ozs.

!!! Limited Quantities !!!

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