Hunters Reserve™ 2-lb. Smoked Wild Game Roast

Item # WX2-148778

Hunters ReserveTM 2-lb. Smoked Wild Game Roasts, naturally lean, tender and delicious!

Hunters Reserve™ creates wild game meats to the highest standards. They're the most tender and flavorful, farm-raised, naturally lean and low in cholesterol cuts of meat.

Your choice of 3 types of Roast... Bison, Venison (no hormones) and New Zealand free-range elk... They're expertly cured with spices and then slow-smoked over hardwood. All are produced, inspected and packaged in the U.S.A. according to USDA guidelines.

State Game, as available in the Shopping Cart. An amazing hunt-style treat for entertaining. Get these delicious deals ONLINE now!

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