Hornady Critical Defense .380 Auto 90 Grain FTX 25 rounds

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Hornady® Critical DefenseTM Handgun Ammo.

Hollow point bullets don't always work when compromised by an attacker's clothing, especially denim and leather. NOT with Hornady® Critical Defense™. Its patented polymer Flex Tip® design always delivers big, controlled expansion.

  • Clean-burning, stable propellants
  • Minimal muzzle flash to protect night vision
  • Shiny silver nickel-plated cases resist corrosion
  • Smooth feeding.
  • Cartridge: .380 Auto Ammo
  • Bullet Wt. (grain): 90
  • Muzzle Velocity (F.P.S): 1,000
  • Muzzle (ft.-lbs.): 200
  • Bullet Style: FTX™
  • Bullet Rounds: 25.

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