E-Merse™ Waterproof 9" Tablet Case

Item # WX2-230884

100% WATERPROOF E-MerseTM Submersible Case for smartphone, camera, tablet and more!

Don't let your expensive electronics take a bath! This Waterproof Case keeps your phone and more safe down to 10' below the water's surface. Each is made from tough PVC-free urethane material, with built-in padding and welded seams for sure dryness.

For whitewater rafting, kayaking, trips to the beach and more, this is the superior protection your electronics deserve. Clear front window allows you to dial, talk, hear and use apps. Breakaway lanyard keeps your gear handy and safe.

For iPadĀ®s and other 9" tablets. Touchscreen is usable through the clear plastic. Internal dimensions are 10 3/4 x 9 1/4"w.

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