Umarex® T.A.C.® Air Pistol with Converter

Item # WX2-283383

Umarex® T.A.C.® Air Pistol, a hotshot that's convertible from a pistol to a combat - style carbine!

It's a cool, powerful CO2 Pistol that comes with a Converter Stock.

Take this convertible for a ride:
  • The Pistol has a realistic 19-shot drop-free metal magazine
  • The CO2 capsule powers it for a fast 410 F.P.S. velocity
  • Fixed front sight, adjustable rear sight
  • 4 1/4" barrel
  • Double action
  • The Converter Stock has a folding extension, going from 14-22 1/2", plus folding, removable front grip. Picatinny rails on top and sides.
  • Weighs 1 lb., 14 ozs.

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