1873 Single Action Black Powder Revolver, 10" barrel

Item # WX2-293636

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TraditionsTM 1873 Single Action Black Powder Revolver. Modeled after the "Peacemaker" that won the West!

A design made famous by the moving pictures of Hollywood, and put to the test by gunslingers of the old West! This Traditions™ 1873 Single Action is based on the revolutionary 1873 ColtĀ® SA Peacemaker Pistol. A shooting marvel... light in weight, favorable in balance and heavy in killing power. The Peacemaker was a game-changer in desperate gun fights across the American Frontier. As the saying goes "Don't be afraid of any man no matter what his size, just call on me in time of need, and I will equalize!"

The goods:
  • Round blued steel barrel, both 10"
  • Steel frame
  • .45 cal chambers
  • Single action
  • Brass finger guard
  • Walnut grip
  • Top strap and post sights.
  • Adjustable rear sight and front blade sight.

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