Firepower® .45 Spring-powered Airsoft Pistol from Palco®

Item # WX2-423755

Firepower® .45 Spring-powered Airsoft Pistol from Palco®. The look, the feel... but most of all, the accuracy and power!

Maybe not what you'd expect from a spring-powered pistol, but shooting is believing! The metal-slide Firepower .45 Airsoft Pistol pops your target at up to 256 F.P.S., and rarely strays off-course, thanks to BAXS™ Accuracy System. This advanced adjustable hopup system uses 3 points of contact with the BB in the design (two at the top and one at the bottom). These 3 points of contact spread the weight of the BB more evenly, center it, and give it backspin, causing the airsoft gun to shoot straighter and with greater accuracy.

Surprising POP from a spring-powered pistol:

  • 256 F.P.S. with 0.20-gram BBs
  • High-grade metal slide for realistic weight and feel
  • 12-rd. magazine.

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