Clam™ Half Ant Ice Fishing Drop Jig

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Clam™ Half Ant Ice Fishing Drop Jig looks like an easy meal.

The Half Ant Jig falls slowly, fooling fish into thinking they're getting a quick snack:

  • Made from half tungsten / half epoxy for slow-dropping action
  • Multi-colored epoxy paint scheme and Swarovski crystal get attention and trigger bites
  • Small, compact presentation for punching through the slush
  • Plummets through thick vegetation, brush and timber
  • Better control than lead jigs, with more wind and current resistance
  • Denser than lead to feel bites better. High density also allows you to tune out hoards of baitfish and still see the Jig on your sonar
  • Vertical presentation
  • Sticky-sharp, forged, thin-diameter nickel hook for better bait piercing with no "gut ooze" and effortless hook-ups
  • Durable high-tech epoxy paint finish
  • Bait it with plastics, Euro larvae, waxis or spikes for maximum effectiveness
  • Weighs 1/32 oz., hook size 10.

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