Grizzly Ridge™ Ultimate 72-hour Survival Bucket

Item # WX2-294008

4 stars

Grizzly RidgeTM Survival Accessories. Thrive in the wild, or anywhere, with adequate food and supplies.

These Buckets from Grizzly Ridge™ are loaded! Food has a 5-year shelf life, needs no refrigeration, requires only water for preparation and comes in resealable pouches that keep out light, moisture and oxygen. Store in a dry place with temps of 55°-70°F.

Includes 7 pouches totaling 60 servings of banana slices, dehydrated apple slices, granola, orange drink, potato soup and pasta alfredo. Survival gear includes 5 FireOn fuel discs, 80-piece first aid kit, aluminum pot, Temkin plastic cup, 1 pack WATERPROOF matches, Sona barbecue stove, water filtration bottle, 7-in-1 multi-function camping tool, 7-in-1 light, emergency blanket and tube tent.

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