BloodSport® CX3 Quiver

Item # WX2-292275

5 stars

BloodSport® CX3 Quiver, a bowhunter's must-have! BIG BUCKS OFF!

The BloodSport® CX3 Quiver, designed for 3 modern broadheads, delivering a better hold and fast, easy access. Works great with crossbows, too.

  • Articulating hood opens to accept both fixed-blade and mechanical broadheads without jamming them up into foam. This means no more broken rubber rings, destroyed foam or dulled blades
  • Simply squeeze the hood together and release to draw an arrow
  • Soft Grip® blended rubber retainers allow for one-handed arrow removal
  • Ball mounting system allows for quick attachment and detachment from the bow, and adjustment for a custom fit and balance
  • Removable ball-mount screw mounts to a tree so the Quiver can be set at any angle for quick access, better than a bow hook.
  • Weighs 10 ozs.

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