Quality Living 26" Sunlight Desk Lamp

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Quality Living 26" Sunlight Desk Lamp makes every day a sunny day!

Got the cloudy day blues? This Quality Living 26" Sunlight Desk Lamp mimics the natural light of the sun to brighten your day with "sunshine" in any room of your house. In fact, this Lamp's nickname is the "It's great to be alive lamp!" for its cheerful, energizing effect.

Lighten up:
  • High-tech 27 watt bulb (included) provides 1,300 lumens of light - as much as a standard 150-watt bulb - yet lasts up to 5x longer and uses far less energy
  • Soft, pure white light is more comfortable on your eyes... great for reading, hobbies, and up-close tasks
  • Non-glare for computer use
  • Flexible goose neck is adjustable to any angle
  • Stands 26" h.

You'll notice - and LOVE - the difference!

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