Box of 12 Harvester Muzzleloading Scorpion PT Gold 50C Sabot .451 Polymer Tip Bullets

Item # WX2-420997

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Box of 12 Scorpion PT Gold 50C Sabot .451 Cal. Polymer Tip Bullets, top accuracy and reliability for the black powder shooter, PRICED RIGHT!

Scorpion PT Gold Polymer Tip Bullets are electro-plated with copper plating that does not separate from the lead core, like traditional jacketed bullets do. PT Gold Bullets offer greater accuracy at longer ranges than a hollow point. The 3% antimony makes the bullet harder than pure lead, and in intended for the shooter who wants a bone-breaking pass-through shot. High-pressure .50 Cal. sabots operate to loading specs of all muzzleloaders. 

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