CASTLECREEK® Fire Fountain

Item # WX2-234362

CASTLECREEK® Fire Fountain is a visual delight, as water cascades down while a bright flame burns up top! BIG BUCKS OFF!

You'll get all kinds of compliments on this CASTLECREEK® Fire Fountain, as well as lovely ambience. Here, we combine the allure of fire with the peaceful sounds of moving water to construct a soothing masterpiece. You'll love the design of this piece as well... a multi-tiered, rustic feel that's large and sturdy so it'll never tip over in your yard. Includes refillable fuel canister with fiberglass wick, pump, safety / storage cap and metal fire snuffer. Fuel not included. Measures 15 1/4 x 15 2/3 x 24 3/4"h. and weighs 25 lbs.

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Please Note: Once items have contained gas, kerosene, butane, lighter fluid, diesel, or oil they cannot be returned to The Sportsman's Guide.

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