Augason Farms™ Fruit Variety MRE 6-Pk.

Item # WX2-296929

Augason FarmsTM Fruit Variety MRE 6-Pk . Always there in an instant... healthy, flavorful fruits!

A healthy variety of freeze-dried and dehydrated fruits packaged for a 30 year shelf life... no refrigeration required! Specially sealed in cans that protect against light, air and moisture, the Augason Farms™ Fruit Variety Pack is an essential for a well-stocked contingency kit. Recipes included on each can. 132 total servings. USDA certified.

On the menu:
  • Freeze-dried apple dices, 18 servings
  • Dehydrated apple slices, 32 servings
  • Honey-coated banana slices, 42 servings
  • Freeze-dried whole raspberries, 22 servings
  • Freeze-dried sliced strawberries, 18 servings.

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